Dirt Bikes

Hyde Racing products are engineered to fit many makes and models of dirt bikes. Wether you ride Enduro, race Moto, or just play ride on the weekends, Hyde Racing products have you covered.

Adventure Bikes

Adventure touring is more than just a growing segement of the motorcycle industry, it's a riding lifestyle. Adventure riding offers an unlimited number of destinations to explore.

Pro Riders

We are proud there are many professional riders utilizing our products. Wether Enduro, Hare Scrambles, Motocross, or Endurocross, we stand up to their abuse what might you throw at us?

Dealer Network

Hyde Racing products are carried at many dealerships throughout the country. Our dealer network covers all of North America so check our products out in person at your favorite dealer near you.

What about carbon fiber or standard plastic?

Carbon fiber, as well as the standard plastic plates that some bikes are coming with, are extremely brittle - they crack easily and don't offer much protection at all. Carbon fiber is udes effectively on F1 cars for example, because it shatters on impact and is less dangerous to the driver in an accident. BUT it is not going to protect the bottom of a bike against our rough North American terrain!

Check out some of the great products we offer!

Products for most bike manufacturers.

Dirt Bikes
Dirt bike accessories from Hyde Racing

From the trails to the track, if nothing gives you more of a thrill than off-road riding, Hyde Racing has you covered. Our skid plates are engineered specifically for each make and model for a perfect fit.

Adventure Bikes
Adventure bike accessories from Hyde Racing

Dual sport riding is quickly growing in popularity amongst off road riders. Hyde Racing products are available for many of the popular manufacturers of adventure bikes.

Db Dawg
Db Dawg silencer insert

This unique silencer is aimed at 4-stroke riders riding under sound restrictions unable to budget for an after market exhaust system to meet the new and always lowering sound requirements.

Hyde Racing product installation instructions

Simple installation instructions are available online for our products. From the experienced mechanic to the complete novice, anyone can easily install our products.

Dealer Network
Hyde Racing dealer network

Hyde Racing products are offered at many dealerships and repair shops across North America. Stop in to your favorite and check out the product.

ResQLink GPS from Hyde Racing

406 GPS Personal Locator Beacon is a full powered, GPS enabled rescue beacon designed for adventure off road riders and dirt bikers. Only 4.6 oz. this beacon is smaller than a cell phone.

Our Team

More than a bunch of pretty faces, our team (Your Team! that is..) have been working together for more than 23 years, developing and refining quality products for the off-road motorcycle enthusiast.

Hyde Racing products offer the maximum amount of protection available today by resisting impact to the most vulnerable areas of the pipe and protection from flying debris. Each product is custom designed and fitted for each individual make and model. Products we carry have been repeatedly tested in worlds most challenging places.

Wether you are a professional or amateur racer, or a weekend warrior, Hyde Racing will be there with new and innovative products to serve your needs and desires. Call Us 763-263-9835

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What Our Customers Say!

Only skid plate I'll buy from now on. Very durable and solid construction.

Joel in CO

Must Have! Put this on my bike in less than 5 minutes, offers great protection.

Dennis in ID

The skid plate fit is Excellent! Have to unbolt to do oil changes, but install and removal are painless.

Rick in WA

Great fit and the skid plate holds up well to rocks and logs.

Ralph in NY

Features and Benefits!

  • Hyde Racing products are made from Teflon/Co-Polymer
  • All stainless steel hardware
  • Heat resistant, even from 4-stroke head pipes
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Will not dent
  • Will not crack or fatigue as current poly-resin skid plates do
  • Absorbs sound instead of reflecting it up as do aluminum plates
  • Form fitting front portion
  • Rocks and mud will not accumulate under engine
  • No need for reticulated foam
  • Lower engine temperatures due to air being allowed to flow over clean engine underside
  • Lightest amongst all comparable skid plates