Adventure/Dual Sport Motorcycle Products

Hyde Racing products are made from Teflon/Co-Polymer

  • All stainless steel hardware
  • Heat resistant, even from 4-stroke head pipes
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Will not dent
  • Will not crack or fatigue as poly-resign skid plates do
  • Absorbs sound instead of reflecting it up as do aluminum plates
  • Form fitting front
  • Rocks and mud will not accumulate under the engine
  • No need for reticulated foam
  • Lower engine temperatures due to air being allowed to flow over clean engine underside
  • Lightest amongst all comparable skid plates

Adventure Bike Accessories

Skid / Glide / Bash Plates

Hyde Racing skid plates are 1/3 the weight of aluminum skid plates and offer a sleek factory look. Made of a Teflon/Co-polymer, these revolutionary skid plates come with stainless steel hardware, are abrasion resistant, will not dent, crack or fatigue as poly-resin skid plates do. Hyde Racing skid plates absorb sound instead of reflecting.

AB-LC-800 headlight lens protector for BMW Adventure bike

Headlight Lens Cover

The Hyde Racing headlight lens cover is made of shatter resistant, roost resistant PTE. These headlight lens covers are held in place by course industrial 3M® Velcro™ tabs. This installation method allows for quick and easy removal for storage in your pocket when you find yourself twenty miles from your vehicle in the dark and decide to road it back to camp.

AB-FG-129 frame guards for KTM adventure motorcycle

Frame Guards

Complete set of frame guards for the right and left side, these guards are custom fit offering a sleek factory look. Manufactured with Hyde Racing's unique revolutionary Teflon/Co-polymer material, these frame guards will keep your dirt bike looking new while offering a smooth surface where your boots hug the frame.

AB-CDF-69 front brake disc and lower right fork guard for BMW adventure bike

Disc & Fork Guard

Hyde Racing front brake disc and lower right fork guard is made for extreme rock riding conditions. Have you ever taco'ed a front brake disc and had to ride all weekend with a bent disc? Have you not been able to ride at all after you have driven for hours to ride or race? With the price of fuel, having a Hyde Racing front brake disc and lower right fork guard is cheap insurance.

AB-SAP-66 Swing Arm Guard for dual sport bikes

Swing Arm Protectors

These guards encase the swing arm on all sides except the inside. Sold in pairs only, one for the right side and one for the left side. These guards are made from the same tough Teflon/Copolymer as our skid plates offering supreme protection. Take the guards off at sale time, so it doesn't look like it's been to Erzberg, and put them on your new scooter and they pay for themselves repeatedly.

AB-CCC-95SE clutch casing cover for KTM adventure bike

Clutch Casing Cover

The standard Hyde Racing clutch casing cover is made from PTE, the same material used in making bullet proof glass, which means it is puncture and shatter resistant. Clutch casing cover is cheap insurance for that invisible rock or damage from the brake pedal. Clutch casing cover also keeps your boot from wearing through the paint and insignia - less visible wear and tear at sale time means more $$ in your pocket.

AB-SEC-625 windshield screen extender for dual sport bikes

Windshield Screen Extender

AB-SCS-64 side cover shrouds from Hyde Racing

Side Cover Shrouds

AB-DC-2 diff cover Adventure bikes

Diff Cover