db dawg 8031 silencer insert
db Dawg silencer insert installation allen wrench

Custom allen key

Two 5/8" allen screws.

DB Dawg silencer insert set screws
Remove end cap screws

Step One

Remove screws from the end cap.

Step Two

Remove end cap from the body of the muffler.

Remove end cap from muffler
Insert bd dawg into perforated tube

Step Three

Insert allen screws into dB Dawg and then insert the dB Dawg approximately 1/4" down into the perforated tube.

Step Four

Using the custom allen wrench, turn each allen screw against the inside of the perforated tube until the insert is tight and cannot be removed by hand.

Tighten db Dawg silencer insert
Replace end cap onto muffler

Step Five

Place the end cap back into the body of the muffler and fasten with the original screws. You may need to adjust your air/fuel screw or re-jet the bike.

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