Hyde Racing clutch casing cover installation


Each exhaust guard is designed for use with the specific model depicted inside the plate, using the standard OEM exhaust pipe.

Before use: Make sure the pipe is in good, original condition, for a perfect fit.

WARNING: If the pipe comes into contact with the polymer part of this guard, it will melt.

Assemble your guard BEFORE attempting installation on your bike!
If your EXG guard arrived unassembled (one or both sides not attached to the main bottom section) you will need to attach the sides with the supplied fasteners. Start in the middle holes working toward the outsides, leave them loose until all fasteners are in then tighten them down until the two pieces make contact, then another ½ turn. Use silicon RTV type sealer on the threads rather than Loctite®, the silicon keeps the bolts in place and seals the threads from corrosion.
  1. Remove any original guards that may obstruct fit.
  2. Hang the long front cross brace bracket from the bike frame, most sit behind the motor mount.
  3. Insert the install tool (threaded bar) into the center bracket without the nut, this helps guide the bracket to the holes.
  4. Push guard up on to the bike frame. Align and attach the front bracket cap screws first, after the front cap screws are started but slightly loose reach from the rear and install the rear brackets.
  5. On the new generation guards it helps to hook a tie down strap through the guards trash hole (just behind the rear pipe) then around the rear wheel, this will help pull the guard into place and hold it up while getting the two rear brackets started.
  6. After the guard has snapped into place and both bottom brackets are attached, remove the tie down strap but leave the cap screws a turn or so loose.
  7. Unscrew and remove the nut, metal washer, and two fiber washers from the upper pipe mount.
  8. Loosely fit both (if two are supplied) hose clamp mounts over the exhaust on each side.
  9. Pull the guard out enough to slide the stud into the upper left and right pipe mounting locations. Once the studs are poking through, place two fiber washers first, then the steel washer and finish with the nut. The nut/bolt needs to be snug, don't twist it off.

    ** Some older KTM frames have 2 plastic inserts on the rear of the frame that need to be pulled out to accommodate the rear bolts. Make sure the threads are cleaned out.

  10. It is imperative that fiber washers are ALWAYS used between the guard and the metal washers on the upper pipe clamps. The pipes on two stroke dirt bikes vibrate at a very high frequency causing the metal washers to cut through the polymer in just a few rides.
  11. Go back to the bottom mounts and tighten them about ¾ of a turn from zero clearance, move to the top pipe clamp and snug both sides and you're done.
  12. ** DO NOT over tighten the bolts as this may damage the guard.

Rubber Grommets need to be replaced if missing to prevent melting of the guard. The guard must only be used on the exhaust pipe it was intended for, otherwise contact may occur with the pipe, resulting in melting of the guard. Only the rubber grommets may touch the exhaust pipe. More grommets may be added to the guard and are available to purchase at 763-263-9835.

After first installation the guard will conform to the shape of the frame once heating and cooling has occurred insuring a great fit!

Questions? Call Jay @ 763-263-9835 or E-mail jay@hyderacing.com